Hello Family & Friends,

We are so grateful for the continued support, love and encouragement we receive daily from everyone. We are just now looking at all the beautiful tributes on Facebook that have been shared on behalf of our son Drake.

So...where do we go from here?  After prayerful consideration and input from many friends and family a wonderful path is slowly unfolding before us.   We have started Big Hearts Outdoors to facilitate access to outdoor family experiences for special needs children and young adults like Drake. I am happy to announce that we have had a big response and have already scheduled a fishing adventure and a turkey hunt for Spring of 2013. 

We welcome your input and suggestions.  Thank you for your continued support.
Many Blessings,
Beverly & Randy Taylor


02/20/2013 12:21pm

Hey Bev, Lovely website! When I get back, I know that I have at least three pieces of Drake's work in the studio. You are welcome to them. I can be satisfied with a print of the original. Miss your young man everyday. Missing my friend, Beverly, too. Love to Randy. p

02/16/2016 10:35pm

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05/18/2016 4:19am

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09/09/2016 11:51am

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09/22/2016 5:25am

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12/09/2016 9:22am

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