Join us for our great 5 meat buffet dinner and top off the evening with Jimbo Parrish & the BORDERLINE BAND.
We are excited to have the band finish off the fun day after our Live Auction at 6pm. 


03/12/2016 1:38am

Dinner with those most famous guys is honor and this is a very nice chance for their fans to meet their favorite band and they should this kind of chances to have dinner and meeting with these musicians.


Big hearts and families are also great and very important for all the people. We can make our life great with the help of great families and able to become successful. These things should be nice and they increase the big heart.


Border line is devised and constructed with the prism and tinge of the protection. It is the need and urgency of the humans with all such conditions. It is implemented and advanced with the concrete and fundamental orientations. It is the subject matter of the success and triumph.

12/05/2016 2:41am

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05/21/2017 10:20pm

Really fantastic! I am very happy to see the team members of Borderline Band. Actually, I have been waiting for an extra ordinary performance of this band in the next live show. Hopefully, waiting for that day! Keep sharing more posts here!


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